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Gaelic Football

Gaelic football is an Irish team sport. It is a form of football derived from traditional Irish ball games. Players advance the football, a spherical leather ball, up the field with a combination of carrying, bouncing, kicking, hand-passing, and soloing (dropping the ball and then toe-kicking the ball upward into the hands).

In the game, two types of scores are possible: points and goals. A point is awarded for kicking or/and passing the ball over the crossbar, signaled by the umpire raising a white flag. A goal is awarded for kicking the ball under the crossbar into the net, signaled by the umpire raising a green flag.

Similar sports skills: soccer, football, volleyball, basketball

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Camogie is a fast and furious Irish stick-and-ball team field sport played by women. The objective of the game is for players to use a wooden stick to hit a small ball between the opponents’ goalposts, either over the crossbar, or under the crossbar into a net guarded by a goalkeeper. The ball, called a sliotar, can be caught in the hand and carried for no more than four steps, struck into the air or along on the ground with the stick. It can be kicked or slapped with an open hand for short-range passing.

A goal is scored when the ball goes between the posts and under the H-shaped bar. This is equal to three points. One point is scored when the ball goes over the bar.

Similar sports skills: field hockey, lacrosse, baseball

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Whether you’ve been playing for years, or just heard of the sport, we invite you to give it a try. Our team is made up of women from both the U.S. and Ireland that have a variety of backgrounds and skill levels.