Na Fianna Explained

What does Na Fianna mean?

Na Fianna is Irish for The Warriors. Our women are the ultimate GAA warriors.

What is GAA?

GAA stands for Gaelic Athletic Association. It is an Irish international amateur sporting and cultural organisation, focused primarily on promoting indigenous Gaelic games and pastimes, which include the traditional Irish sports of hurling, camogie, Gaelic football, Gaelic handball and rounders.

What is Ladies Gaelic Football?

Ladies Gaelic Football is a women's team sport. Ladies' football is organised by the Ladies' Gaelic Football Association. Two teams of 15 players kick or hand-pass a round ball towards goals at each end of a grass pitch.

What is Camogie

Camogie is an Irish stick-and-ball team sport played by women. Camogie is played by 100,000 women in Ireland and worldwide, largely among Irish communities.

What else should I know?

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How do I sign up?

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